Torri Cantine Prosecco DOC Rose Sparkling Wine 0,75L


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A bright pale pink, with a lively perlage, very tenacious, dense and with a subtle texture.
Glera 85% Pinot noir 15%
11 %
Fermentation in steel tanks, scrupulous Martinotti-Charmat fermentation, bottling.
Container size
0,75 L
Serving temperature
Food matching
Aperitifs, appetizers, fish dishes, vegetables, meats and cheeses.
When to drink it
From the launching of a ship to an aperitif with friends, it makes every moment perfect.
Storage time
Well preserved, 24 months as a precaution, but we recommend tasting it within the year.
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Prosecco DOC brut rosé – 11%

Sensory notes
Color: a bright pale pink, with a lively perlage, very tenacious, dense and with a subtle texture.
Nose: a measured intensity but with particularly elegant and engaging scents of fresh raspberry fruit, small berries, red peach, currant, and a floral of rose, wisteria, with a very delicate fragrance of bread crust.
Taste: on the palate you can perceive a nice effervescence, freshness and flavor, with slight warmth and softness, making this wine perfectly balanced.
The olfactory characteristics are confirmed on the palate, but with greater emphasis and which is accompanied by a long; persistent finish rich in sapidity.
Winemaking and sparkling winemaking
Fermentation in thermo-conditioned steel vats, followed by a scrupulous second fermentation with the Martinotti-Charmat method and, subsequently, it will be filtered and then bottled in an isobaric environment.
How to combine our Prosecco DOC brut rosé wine
A prosecco to be served cold, at a maximum of 4-6 degrees, and with a tall and narrow enough glass to be able to appreciate the perlage and aromas, with aperitifs, appetizers, fish dishes, vegetarians, meats and cheeses. We imagine it with canapés with tuna fillet, salmon steaks with pink pepper, linguine with lobster, fried mixed vegetables, roast ham or goat cheese from Abruzzo.
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