A new wine project: Sesto Armonico


Sesto Armonico Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC from the Musikè winery was born with the project commissioned by Maestro Peppe Vessicchio and Riccardo Iacobone, owner of the “Rosarubra” and “Torri” cellars of Abruzzo.

Linked by a beautiful friendship and a passion for good wine and good music, the Maestro and the Entrepreneur have combined their energies and skills to give life to the Musikè Winery and a range of “wine compositions” that they have chose to call “Sesto Armonico”.

The FREman method

The real novelty of this collaboration is the treatment that is reserved to the wines with the use of natural harmonic frequencies, and their aging in oak casks through the “FREman” method (Frequencies and Harmonic-Natural Music), or through specific musical notes that stimulate the natural evolution of the chemical bonds to make the wines balanced and enjoyable.

It is an agro-musical experimentation that demonstrates the benefits brought to natural products through the frequencies of music. The notes induce the wine to seek, within itself, the natural conditions of equilibrium between the chemical bonds of the matter. The wine will not change in its composition, but will have an improvement in its taste and even enhance its longevity.

Such a novelty in the wine sector, as well as such a particular project, could not fail to open my 2022, which I hope will be full of new things, new proposals and achievements.

Sesto Armonico Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC

I chose to uncork one of my favorite grape varieties as I was very curious to understand its effects and results with this very unique aging technique. And this is how I got involved with Montepulciano D’Abruzzo.

From 100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes harvested manually in the first days of October, after vinification in steel vats. Sesto Armonico is aged for about 8 months in concrete with the “FREman” method before being bottled. The result is a wine with certainly interesting organoleptic characteristics, a symptom of the fact that this new aging technique certainly brings some positive aspects.

Wine Tasting

In the glass it has an intense ruby ​​red colour, and the aromas that open to the olfactory tasting are characterized by hints of red fruits such as blackberry and cherry, wild berries and floral aromas of rose and violet. The palate is fresh, with a lively mineral note and a tannin that makes itself felt while being integrated and never aggressive. Warm, soft, with a nice persistence, it is truly the ideal companion for any occasion, alone or in company. To be combined with more structured dishes such as red meats and tagliatelle al ragù, but also aperitifs and appetizers based on cold cuts and cheeses.

The Musikè project has proved to be really interesting and after an attentive and thoughtful tasting based on comparing other wines that have been aged with the traditional methods, the results offer a significant difference in the organoleptic characteristics.

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